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Beyerdynamic Lagoon

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Using the Beyerdynamic Lagoon ANC is straightforward. It has a hybrid control system comprised of both touch and button controls. Once you memorize its menu of gestures, you can manage playback, volume, calls, and voice assistant commands. The buttons lie on the outer edge of the right ear cup, the same one which houses the touch panel. They allow you to adjust noise cancelling intensity, enter pairing mode, and power the headset off. I wish Beyerdynamic placed the buttons on the left ear cup. There were a handful of times I accidentally hit the touch panel when increasing ANC.

The build is sturdy despite it being predominantly plastic. Swiveling ear cups rotate at the yokes for a comfortable fit, but you may run into issues with the band size. With the headband completely retracted, set to the smallest size, it’s a tad too large for my head. This misfit places undue pressure on the crown of my head. I suspect most adult noggins won’t run into this problem, though.

Battery Life

According to recent testing, the 1100mAh battery lasts 20 hours, 8 minutes. Although this falls short of the cited 24.5-hour battery life with ANC on, it’s worth noting they had ANC level II active rather than ANC I. You’re afforded a longer runtime with less demanding ANC processing. When it’s absolutely drained, just plug the headset into the included USB-C cable; a full charge requires three hours.

Light-guide system battery indicators:

  • 0-30% interior LEDs flash red

  • 30-70% interior LEDs flash yellow

  • 70-99% interior LEDs flash green

  • 100% interior LEDs display solid green

How do you connect the Beyerdynamic Lagoon ANC to your phone?

Most of us will opt to connect via Bluetooth, rather than by wire. The headphones support NFC pairing as well as the traditional Bluetooth pairing process. They operate via Bluetooth 4.2, Class 1, and afford a 10-meter wireless range. While testing, I was able to push the boundaries of this closer to 11 meters, when unimpeded by walls. It’s unusual, perhaps for some unacceptable, to see premium headphones use an older Bluetooth firmware. You’re also limited to connecting to one device at a time.

What do the Beyerdynamic Lagoon ANC sound like?

The frequency response chart appears wonky, but don’t let that deceive you: sound quality is superb. The bass emphasis is preferred by most casual listeners and comes in handy to further attenuate external noise. What’s more, midrange emphasis benefits clarity of popular musical sounds such as vocals, guitars, and their harmonic resonances.

While the dip beginning at 3kHz looks severe, it’s a feature of the sound signature and is similar to how Sennheiser treats its headsets. By lessening this frequency range, you’re less likely to experience excess harmonic distortion as this frequency range doesn’t play kindly with the human ear canal.

Is the Beyerdynamic Lagoon ANC good for phone calls?

It’s a great headset for phone calls. My voice was always relayed loudly and clearly to friends. It even performs well outside, assuming there aren’t any severely high winds blustering about. Just be sure you’re wearing the headset properly. One tired evening, I wore the headphones backward, right ear cup on the left ear, and the microphone quality was dramatically degraded before realizing my mistake.

If you work from home and are interested in a headset for conference calls, the Beyerdynamic Lagoon ANC is a great option. The company knows how to manufacture microphones, and this is a great choice for listeners who want an all ’rounder headset.

Should you buy the Beyerdynamic Lagoon ANC?

If you can forgive the intermittent and abrupt stops in music playback, the Beyerdynamic Lagoon ANC is a wonderful headset for travel, casual and office use. Admittedly, the cost is unappealing, as is the outdated Bluetooth firmware, but sound quality is excellent. Sure, the headphones aren’t the best bang-for-your-buck option out there, but they’re not marketed as such. These are the headphones you get if you want high-visibility user features.

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