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Noise Cancelling Cowin E7 Review

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

When it comes to choosing your next pair of Bluetooth Headphones, The COWIN E7 Bluetooth Headphones have a powerful active noise cancelling function that enables you to freely enjoy the headphones without much exterior interruption. For the Affordable price, and the outstanding sound quality they posses, these are worth taking in consideration on your next search on Bluetooth Headphones.

Built Quality

Just to be real, The Cowin E7 have an ordinary build quality that feels a bit cheap. The headband is well constructed with a metal frame for reinforcement. However, the plastic used for the ear cups feels low grade and a bit cheap. They shouldn't break from a few falls, but the ear cups and hinges don't feel as durable as the more recent Cowin SE7.


These headphones are decently stable. They have a relatively tight fit on most heads, which means they won't move a lot during casual listening sessions and even a mild jog. However, they're not sports headphones by any means. Due to their bulk and size, they still sway a lot during strenuous activities, so they won't be the most ideal headphones for running or working out.

How good is the sound cancellation?

The noise isolation performance of these Cowin E7 headphones is okay but not as good as some similar headsets like the Anker Sound Core. The active noise cancelling system achieves about 8dB of reduction in the Bass Range which is below average.In the mid and treble ranges, mostly occupied by speech, these headphones isolate passively using their ear cups, achieving 13dB and 33dB of reduction in the mid and treble ranges respectively. Both values are within decent limits.

Is the Sound quality any good?

The Cowin E7 have a dark sound. The over-emphasis in the high-bass and low-mid introduces some muddiness, and there's a sharp dip in the high-mid and low-treble, making vocals and leads sound farther away and less detailed.

How good is the Microphone?

The integrated microphone has a mediocre recording quality. Recorded speech sounds thin and muffled, but still comprehensible for the most part.

How good is the battery life?

These will give you 26hrs of battery life on one charge. They have a long-lasting battery life but a long charge time. Although they do give you about 45 minutes of playback from a 10 minute charge, you have to leave them plugged in for more than 3 hours to charge them fully, which isn't ideal. On the upside, they can be used passively even while charging.

Should you buy the Cowin E7?

Yes, many users are satisfied with these 4 features about the Cowin E7. The outstanding sound quality, the noise canceling, the comfort during its usage, and the affordable price. These are truly one the Best selling Bluetooth Headphones in the market as of today.

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Questions and Answers

Is the Noise Cancelling good? How are these in Air Travel?

Answer: The noise cancellation is pretty good. I Use these working in a data center. You have to remember that these, just like any 28db hearing pro, will work to Reduce low end noise. They do not block out noise which is great, so I can still hear fine.

Is the sound quality any good for its price?

Answer: It's actually pretty good in my opinion, I love the bass. I've had mine for less than 6 months. The great sound quality gives you an immersive feeling when you are watching movies or listening to music with people you love.

Will these headphones automatically connect to a Bluetooth device for further use after first pairing?

Answer: Absolutely, pairing is automatic from second use on.

Can these headphones also be plugged to the wall for recharging? How many devices can I pair then with?

Answer: Every usb device is charged from a usb port. That port can be on a computer, on a plug in converter, a portable battery, a portable speaker or flashlight with device charging capability. You have many options. So yes the E7 will charge when "plugged to the wall" as long as "pluged" to usb port.

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