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30hrs of battery life - The Cowin SE7 Review

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

The new Cowin SE7 design is more comfortable than previous models like the E7. The cups and headband are well-padded and soft. These headphones are lightweight and don’t put too much pressure on your head, but still feel stable. However, the ear cups might be a bit small and uncomfortable for some people, especially if you have bigger ears. Nevertheless, most users should be able to wear these for a while before feeling ear soreness.

Built Quality

The Cowin SE7 have a better build quality than other Cowin headphones. They don’t have the same glossy finish and flimsy plastic design that of the E7. The SE7 cups feel dense and solid enough to survive a few accidental drops without too much damage. The headband is reinforced with a thin metal sheet and is still flexible enough.


SE7’s sound can be best described as bass-driven. More bass means more thump and more thump means more fun for most listeners. The bass is deep, powerful but in no way, too bright combined with crisp vocals.The separation of mids and high-mids from the bass is excellent in these headphones. Cowin SE7 sounds the best when the NC is off. But when you switch it on, the bass starts sounding a bit flat.However, I don’t mind much because who needs NC when I can just turn up the volume to cut the ambient noise?

Noise Cancellation

The noise cancellation of SE7 isn’t something worth going crazy about. It works just fine. If you put it on while walking on a busy road, you won’t be able to hear your friends saying “Hello!”. It will also effectively dampen engine noise and cacophony of city traffic. It should give you peace of mind while traveling in a red-eye flight. However, as I already said before, turning on NC does push the bass back to some extent.

It won’t sound pathetic but if you want better sound quality, just crank up the volume to isolate external noise. Easy-peasy, eh?

Battery Life

Although Cowin advertises a whopping battery life 30+ hours, so far, I’ve only seen it last for about 20+ hours with ANC on and max volume settings. Well, even 20+ hours is quite a lot on max settings when you are traveling by flight or just taking a ride.


SE7 is one of the most comfortable headphones, clearly beating even many of its costlier counterparts by a huge margin. It has a really sleek design and portable enough to fit in your backpack. It has great battery life and boy! The music packs a hell lot of thump. If you are a fan of EDM and Metal, you’re in for a treat with these.

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