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The #1 cheapest pair in the market - The Letscom H10 Review

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Lets just get this out the way, these are probably the Best cheapest Bluetooth Headphones you will find in the Market as of today. These H10 Headphones are actually spiking in demand on Amazon as of today, and I will explain to you why these are in high demand in 2020.

Battery life

The most impressive thing about the H10 is the extraordinary 100 hours of battery life. This is almost unheard of in the Bluetooth headphone world, and for those who tend to forget to charge their devices at night, this will be at your advantage. Keep in mind, you can always use the included cable to listen to these H10s in passive wired mode. 


Unsurprisingly, you’ll won’t get tons of functionality from these cost-effective Headphones. Although there is a volume control on the side of the ear-cup, you won’t be able to skip back and forth between tracks. However, you will be able to play and pause with a quick press of the on/off button, and the same button will allow you to answer calls as well.

Sound Quality


Unlike most cheap wireless headphones, the H10 avoids going overkill on the bass. So, those with bass anxiety should rest easy. You will certainly get some punch when listening to pop, but the H10 remains a well-balanced headphone. At the same time, Letscom hasn’t forsaken the bass-heads out there either; press the bass-boost button on the side of the ear-cup, and you’ll get tons of low-end oomph to your tracks. In terms of transparency, listening to classical string in this range, there was much more smoothness than detail, and this is unsurprising for a pair of headphones at this price.


You’ll hear good presence in this range. The upper-mids avoid overemphasis, so those with sensitivity to the higher frequencies shouldn’t run into any harshness when listening to vocal heavy tracks. The relatively even balance in this range also means that big rock and pop-rock choruses sound full-bodied and all encompassing. So, the sound profile is quite meaty and satisfying in this range. Now, you may notice some cloudiness in this range as well. And again, you won’t hear too much detail when listening to acoustic instruments, considering the price point, the overall performance is decent.


As mentioned above, the H10 is are easy to listen to. Though the high frequencies don’t have much sparkle or snap, they certainly avoid fatiguing the ears.

Should you Buy the Letscom H10?

Surprisingly, Yes, the 100Hr Battery life ultimately makes a game changer when it comes to cheap Bluetooth Headphones. The Letscom H10 make their way to the Top Bluetooth Headphones in the market as of today.

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Frequently asked Questions and Answers from the Letscom H10

Are these Good for watching TV if your TV has a Bluetooth transmitter? Can you adjust the Volume on the Headphones?

Answer: This would be perfect for you, you can adjust the volume on the left cup side.

How do you know when the battery is low?

Answer: It will have a vocal alert through the headphones speakers.

How long do you need to charge them to be fully charged?

Answer: About 4-5 hours

Are these Headphones Over Ear?

Answer: If your ears are smaller than average, yes. Standard over-ear Headphones have an inner hollow with at least 2.4" (6cm) tall. These are much smaller.

Are these Headphones good if you work in a call room? As far as clarity and not picking up background noise?

Answer: The Letscom H10 is an excellent set, and while they're not designated for noise cancelling. They do reduce exterior noises, but perhaps not the best choice for a call center operation.

Are these Backward Compatible to older Bluetooth Devices than 5.0?

Answer: The H10 headset is a dual-mode chip that is backward compatible with older Bluetooth devices.

Does it pair with Samsung phones?

Answer: Yes, if it has Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity.

Check updated prices of these Headphones on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/2GQwyMz

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