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The Cheapest Bluetooth Headphones- Mpow 059 Review

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

The Mpow 059 has a beautiful physical appearance. They're above average comfortable, and they have an efficient and easy to use control function. Even though these have some flaws, I can assure you that these are worth taking in consideration, and why I consider them one of the top best affordable Bluetooth Headphones on Amazon today.


These 059 have a decently comfortable over-ear fit, better than the Cowin E8. The ear cups are well padded and the headband doesn't apply too much pressure on your head. However, the ear cups are a bit on the superficial side, they're also somewhat small so they won't fit perfectly on you if you have large ears.

Built Quality

These are fairly well built, but feel a bit cheap and plasticky. The design is strengthen with a metal frame, but the plastic coating over the headband, and ear cups feels vulnerable to cracking under physical stress, if you're a person who takes good care of your stuff, this wouldn't be a huge issue for you.

Sound Quality

When it comes to sound quality, the Mpow 059s are passable, but not mind-blowing. The 40mm drivers offer plenty of volume.The 059s most notable feature is the strong bass push, while the treble is also brought forward. The pushed bass response means that the 059 is right at home with electronic music, hip hop and pop. I’d like to see more detail in the mid-range, as the headphones struggle to reproduce guitar-based music with good punch and clarity. The 059 is pretty consistent between wired and wireless operation, with the differences in quality being barely even noticeable. In conclusion, the sound is kinda tight and compressed basically meaning like all the frequencies are trying to fit in a hole.


The Mpow 059 Over-Ear have a great battery life but if you're expecting a quick charge, these wont do for you. These have 24 hours of battery juice on one single charge when you charge them for 4.5 hours. That being said, the battery life is excellent, but if you're looking for a pair in the same price budget that offer longer battery life, the Letscom H10 are the pair of Bluetooth headphones you are looking for, with 100hrs of battery life on a single charge.

Microphone Quality

The Mpow 059 has a below-average microphone. In quiet environments, speech recorded or transmitted with this integrated mic will sound somewhat thin and noticeably muffled. In noisy situations, this mic will struggle a bit to fully separate speech from background noise even in moderately loud places, like a busy street, So unless you are in your house where you are alone making regular phone calls with these, you will be just fine.

Should you buy the Mpow 059?

If you're just looking for a decent affordable pair of Bluetooth Headphones, then Yes. Especially with Amazons Free 2 Day Shipping you will get these as soon as possible. If you're looking for high quality sound, and a high Microphone quality, by no means these are the pair for you. Still these are surprisingly good to get you through your listening needs. What surprises me the most, is the positive feedback these are getting from users. These are surely one of the Top Bluetooth Headphones in the market as of today.

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Frequently asked Questions and Answers ofthe Mpow O59

Are these comfortable if you wear glasses?

Answer: Yes they are, you might usually find yourself having to remove the headphones if you need to adjust your glasses at all. The headphones do have a nice tight (but not too tight) fit. Overall, I would say yes...they are comfortable to wear while also wearing your glasses.

Do I have to buy the Bluetooth connector to use with my TV?

Answer: If you read the product description, you'll see that MPOW sells (separately) a Bluetooth transmitter and a Bluetooth transmitter/receiver that can be used to turn a non-Bluetooth enabled TV into a Bluetooth-enabled TV. If your TV already has Bluetooth, you obviously won't need the adapter (despite the product description weirdly making it sound like you do). If it doesn't, you can use a transmitter for your TV

Do these fit comfortably if you have a small head?

Answer: If you have a small head, they will fit fine. If you feel you want to adjust them more to be upright on your ears, then all you need to do is to wrap a bandanna around the top to give it a little bit more of a padding, so it’ll bring the headphones up more onto your ears, and voila! you will get the comfort, and the sound all wrapped into one. You will love them!

Do these headphones work with the PS4?

Answer: Absolutely! You just need to purchase a USB Bluetooth Dongle to put in the PS4 so it can connect.

Do they turn off automatically when not in use?

Answer: It does not have an automatic shut down feature. This is confirmed by Mpow tech support. So if you want it off turn it off. However current drain in idle state is undetectable. I was concerned at first but have found the constant on to be quite nice.

Is there a replacement charging cord available?

Answer: Use the regular charger from your local dollar store or android phone charger both will work great.

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