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Cheap, Great Headphones- The MPOW H7 Review

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

During my research on the best Cheap Bluetooth headphones in the market, I just had to include the Mpow H7. What can you expect from a gadget that cost so low? Stick around, because You will be surprise on how much these pair of cans, has to offer.

Build and Design

The H7 are designed to be slightly more compact than your typical over-ear headphones. The ear-cups which cover your ears are a bit smaller. Not the ideal pair if you have large ears, nonetheless the ear padding is slightly slimmer. Internally, even the 40mm audio drivers are slightly more compact than their 50mm counterparts. You cant expect high quality material from a pair of headphones that cost so low, but I have to say, these a pretty neat pair.

Microphone Quality

When you’re choosing budget Bluetooth equipment, most components will have bad average levels of performance. For the Mpow H7 Bluetooth headphones, few components are as mediocre as its microphone unfortunate. So many headphones suffer from this quality, but hey, for the price, at least it does have microphone functionality.

Battery Life

Playtime from 1 charge is about 13 hours. Talk time is slightly longer, reaching about 15 hours. With lowering your volume settings, or by disabling the Bluetooth function with a wired connection, you can expect to reach as much as 20-hours of playtime from one charge. Once empty, recharging the battery takes about 4hrs. That’s quite the wait, but when the battery isn’t totally empty, charge times are a bit more reasonable. One more thing to keep in mind. Though you can technically play the Mpow H7 while they’re charging, this will trash the longevity of the battery. You want to keep them off while charging unless you absolutely need to use them.

Audio Quality

Their sound quality is assuredly better than almost any pair of in-ear or on-head headphones in this price range. Having more air to manipulate and having larger audio drivers aren’t small advantages when it comes to the task of creating excellent sound quality.

But beyond these comparative advantages, the Mpow H7 doesn’t offer much. When you start to compare these over-ear headphones to similar headphones in the same price range like the Letscom H10 , you’ll find almost all of them sound quite similar. With few exceptions, sound quality in this price range is something you’ve really got to expect within this price range.


The H7 is capable of connecting with 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously. Offering 30 feet of stable connectivity is ok, but not great, especially as many similar headsets have started to push towards 50-feet or 100-feet of connectivity. On the other hand, 30-feet is still about 20-feet more than most people will need.

Should you buy the H7?

Yes, many of the best qualities the H7 offers are easy to overlook. That’s because many of their qualities are again, average. The quality of their construction matches their budget price. Like mentioned above, the microphone won’t impress you, but the battery life might. and compared to most portable Bluetooth headphones, the H7 and their over-ear design are among the most comfortable within this affordable price range. The Mpow H7 Bluetooth Headphones, make the top Wireless Headphones in the Market.

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Common Questions and Answers

Does it come with a 3.5 mm audio cable?

Answer: Yes, the Headphones includes a 3.5mm audio cable

Does the headset need charged when using the provided audio cable to listen during wired mode?

Answer: With wired mode, the headset will not need charging.

Do these headphones connect to apple and dell computers?

Answer: It should as long as there's a Bluetooth signal.

How big are the ear-cups?

Answer: On the outside, roughly four inches (high) by three inches (wide). I have normal ears, and the rims of the earphones do not completely clear them (i.e., the interior hollow spaces are not large enough to accommodate my ears). After a while, wearing them becomes a bit uncomfortable and hot, because the outer rims are pressing directly on my ears, not around them.

Do your ear lobs hurt after listening for a period of time if you wear glasses?

Answer: I have had no issues with my ear lobes hurting after using them for a period of time. My ears do get a little sore after about an hour or so. I just take them off for a minute or two, rub my ears and them I'm good to go.

Check updated price of these Headphones on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/3m1xuN4

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