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30hrs of playtime - The Philips PH805 Review

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

A gadget that claims 30hrs of playback time is something to take in consideration. What makes these pair of headphones great? Is it the flexible design? The long battery life? The ability to have a rapid battery charge? Stick around because I will discuss why you consider these on your next search of Headphones.

Built and Design

These headphones are nicely built from plastic of a quality feel. The articulation in the ear cups allow the headphones to fold both flat and inwards, making them a nicely portable proposition. The faux leather covering the ear pads is soft, and there’s more of it on the underside of the headband. Less of the headband is padded than is the norm, but unless you’re significantly wide headed, you shouldn’t find yourself in contact with padded plastic. At 235g, the Philips PH805 are rarely a burden, plus they’re a little less bulky than some costlier alternatives.


The right ear cup does most of the heavy-lifting where the PH805 interface is concerned. On the surface of the ear cup there are some touch-controls (swipe up for “volume up”, swipe down  for “volume down”, and a single tap cycles through “noise-cancelling on”, “noise-cancelling off” and “ambient sound”) The rear of the ear cup surround is a slide/push control. Press and hold turns power on or off; short press either enables pairing mode or if you’re already paired – summons your voice assistant. Slide it forward to skip forward a track, or slide it back to skip back. There’s also a 3.5mm analogue socket on the bottom of the right ear cup, for use with the supplied 1.2m cable should you be negligent enough to let your Philips headphones run out of battery juice.


The company claims the battery life of these is 30 hours from a single charge, or 25hrs if you keep the active noise-cancellation engaged. This seems more achievable than the claimed frequency response. The battery is charged by connecting the bundled micro-USB cable to the left-hand ear cup – Philips reckons you can get 2 hours of power from a 5-minute charge and 6 hours from quarter of an hour. With the quick charge feature enabled, you can roughly get about 2-6 hrs of charge.


The Philips PH805 describe the depth and weight of the plentiful low frequencies very well. Up at the top of the frequency range the news is almost as good. Some of the bite and clatter of the treble is rounded off a little, so there isn’t quite the crispness to the result that more expensive headphones can reveal. Nevertheless, the Philips PH805 demonstrate good sound quality.

Noise Cancelling

With regards to active noise-cancelling, there are 3 modes from which to choose: On, Off or Ambient Sound. This reduces the volume of your music while giving a little boost to the sound of the outside world. There are 8 mics distributed between the 2 ear-cups. Half are designed to assist with telephony and voice control, while the other half are associated with the noise-cancelling functionality.

Should I buy the Philips PH805?

Of course, the Philips PH805s aren’t without similarly specified and similarly priced rivals. considering all the great features these cans has to offer for the given price, Surely these are one of the Best Bluetooth Headphones in the market as of today.

The Philips PH805 make their way as one of the Top Best Bluetooth Headphones as of today.

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