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Best Headphones for Athletes- The Plantronics BackBeat FIT 6100 Review

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Athletes who prefer an over-ear fit will love the Plantronics BackBeat FIT 6100. There exist few workout headphones relative to workout earbuds, and these 6100s stand out due to the adjustable headband, their comfort, stable fit, and IPX5 sweat-resistance.

How do you Connect the Headphones?

Turning the Headphones on for the first time initiates pairing mode, to forge a connection to your smartphone, enter the Bluetooth settings and select “PLT BBFIT6100.” Like other Plantronics products, this headset supports Bluetooth multipoint: meaning you can simultaneously connect up to two devices to the BackBeat FIT 6100, and it can remain paired to 8 devices for quick source switching. Plantronics provides a microUSB-to-3.5mm cable for wired passive listening if you run out of battery juice, and if you’re one of the lucky few whose phone retains the headphone jack. No matter how you listen, sound quality is surprisingly good even with the emphatic bass response in wired mode.

How good is the battery?

Plantronics lists a 24-hour battery life for the BackBeat FIT 6100.When the headphones are drained, you can plug them in using the included microUSB cable for 15 minutes if you need just 6 hours of playtime. Otherwise, it takes 2 hours to complete a full charge. The Plantronics is still using microUSB for its headphones, even though budget earphones can afford USB-C while keeping costs low. Its presence is inconvenient but easily forgiven.

How is the sound quality?

Each ear cup houses a 40mm dynamic driver for pumping out those beloved bass notes. If you’re an audio purist, unfortunately these will not be the ones you are looking for but instead I recommend the Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II.

The Bass frequencies on the 6100s resonate twice as loud as midrange and treble notes . This subjects reproduction to auditory masking, which means clarity and detail appear to be absent. While I wouldn’t recommend these headphones for analytical listening, I thoroughly enjoy the sound signature when stationary biking.The Isolation on the 6100s is fine. The headphones do a good job at filtering out midrange and high-pitched noises, but are no match for low-frequency sounds like your washing machine, dryer, or a loud vacuum. These are not Noise Canceling, but they do block out significant amount of noise.

Microphone quality is okay, but not great

The extreme attenuation between 20-170Hz makes nearly everyone sound “off” or distant during calls. What’s more, the microphone array doesn’t amplify voices when in recording mode, so if you’re in a particularly loud environment, the person on the other end of the call may have trouble hearing you clearly. No matter, quality is fine enough for casual calls and should suit most users for brief professional calls, too.

Should you buy these Headphones?

Yes, If you're constantly exercising ,hitting the the Gym, or even maybe just exercising outside and you're concerned which pair of headphones to get. You'll be hard-pressed to find a comparably priced pair of workout headphones that provide this level of comfort and functionality Especially at the new price point. If you’re an athlete with an aversion to earbuds, the Plantronics BackBeat FIT 6100 are the headphones for you.

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Frequently asked Questions and Answers from the Back Beat Fit 6100

Are these Noise Canceling?

Answer: No they are not noise canceling headphones, but they do block out a fair amount of noise passively due to their construction; something you'll notice when your gym is somewhat crowded and noisy.

How well do these stay on your head while running? Or during Jumping Movements? Are they wobbly at all in the head?

Answer: Actually they're a fairly tight fit. No issues with running on an I22 incline machine, although, real terrain would perhaps push the boundaries.

Can I use these headphones to listen to music with the wired cable when the power is switched off? Will the wired cable still work with no power?

Answer: Yes, the BackBeat FIT 6100 can work with the audio cable while the power is off.

Can these be cleaned well? Does Washing the Headphones damage the sound?

Answer: They're not fully waterproof, only splashproof, so use a damp cloth or paper towel to wipe them clean, don't "wash" them.

How far away can the Bluetooth device and headphones be before it cuts out?

Answer: The BackBeat FIT 6100 has up to 65 ft/20 m of range with a direct line of sight.

Are these water resistant enough for lap swimming?

Answer: No, The BackBeat FIT 6100 has a layer of IPX5 which means it is protected against fresh water jet, but it is not intended for swimming.

Can you adjust the volume?

Answer: Yes, you have to swipe up or down on the outside of the right ear-cup to increase or decrease volume.

What's the band durability on this model?

Answer: You'll will have them for long periods of time during the year with no problem if you take care of them. It comes with a cord that you can use to secure the headphones further and it can get tight enough to the point where when you can be completely upside down the headphone don't come off your head.

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