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Noise Cancelling Shure AONIC 50 Review

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Most people make fun of the thought of spending more than $300 on a pair of Bluetooth headphones, but with the Shure Aonic 50 you will change your mind once you realize that these are probably the best Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphones in the market as of today. Don’t let the price talk you out of considering this headset, because it is worth the money. These are among the best ANC headphones out there, and I sincerely think you’ll love them as much as I do.

Built Quality

The Aonic 50 have an adjustable band on each side of the headphones, to fit just about anyone's head, and has a soft cushion at the top for comfortable use. The Built quality on these are really good. The Headphones unfortunately cannot fold in like some of the Sony headphones, but the ear-cups can rotate 90 degree so they can sit flat on you collarbones.

Noise Cancellation

The Shure Aonic 50 have 2 types of Noise cancellation settings. You have the regular Noise Cancellation, and then you have the Environmental mode Noise cancellation. What is great about this is that you don't just have one type of setting, you can set it up to cancel noise for anything such as in a subway, bus, airline, whatever you like.


The right ear cup houses all of the buttons you need to control the headset including a noise cancelling and ambient listening switch, power and Bluetooth pairing button, as well as volume/playback controls. It is easy to find the raised multi-function button for accessing Google Assistant, which is supremely useful for setting timers while baking.


Shure claims 20 hours of battery life with noise cancelling turned on with only one single charge. To recharge the headset to full capacity, connect it to the provided USB-C cable for a 2 to 3 hrs. The LED indicator slowly blinks red when battery life is low and remains a solid red when charging.


As a legacy audio company that claims Bluetooth 5.0 technology, Shure knows how to create a pleasing sound signature and keeps the frequency response nice and neutral with these 50mm dynamic drivers. The 70-300Hz bump makes it really easy to perceive good vocals. Everything sounds more like if you were actually inside of a studio, you don't get those low basses that make you feel as if your head blows up with base. The sound is very clear and natural.


Microphone quality is good and certainly good enough to get you through any sort of professional conference calls or video chats. With other Headphones you will often struggle with the Microphone quality, but with the Shure Aonic 50 that will not be an issue for you. Keep in mind, if you are in loud environments such as a noisy construction site, the other person on the call, might hear your voice muffled.

Should you buy the Shure Aonic 50?

Considering the price, if you are able to spend more than $400 then Yes, the Shure AONIC 50 are worth getting, and stand as the best noise cancelling headphones as of today. The value of this headset, and their sound quality is stellar right out of this world, and the ANC performance these have to offer is tough to beat. The Shure AONIC 50 is sure to serve you well for years to come and makes a strong case for viewing expensive headphones as an investment. These are one of the Top Best Bluetooth Headphones in the market as of today.

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Frequently asked Questions and Answers from the Aonic 50

Can I use the headphones in Wired mode?

Answer: Yes

Does the 3.5 mm cord have a built in headset?

Answer: The microphones are built into the AONIC 50 ear cups, not the cable. The analog audio cable is 2.5mm TRRS at the headphone end and 3.5mm TRS at the other end.

How long is the audio cable?

Answer: The audio cable is 1.5M long.

What are the ear-cup dimensions?

Answer: The Aonic 50 Earcups have an exterior size of about 89mmx105mm, and an interior earcup size of about 45mmx61mm.

Does it come with a case?

Answer: Yes

Can you skip tracks using the controls on the ear-cup?

Answer: Yes

Do they have side-tone for calls?

Answer: The headphone does not have a dedicated sidetone function for calls. But, if you wish to hear your own speaking voice as sidetone would allow. Environment Mode is effective at providing that function.

Is there a button that can be pressed on the headphones to mute myself during a phone call? Answer: The AOINIC 50 do not have a mute button, so you would need to mute using your device.

Will the cable work to use this headset as microphone for the Xbox controller?

Answer: You will need a separate boom microphone equipped headphone for gaming use. The microphones on the AONIC 50 are for telephone and noise cancelling function only.

Can you pair multiple devices at the same time with this device?

Answer: You can pair multiple devices and use two at the same time using multi-point technology, provided both devices are able to support it. I connect to laptop and phone at the same time all the time.

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