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Cheapest Bluetooth Headphones -The Tribit XFree Tune Review

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Generally Speaking you shouldn't receive much from cheap Bluetooth Headphones, but with the Tribit XFree you would be surprise why these are trending in the market as of today.

Built and Design

These good cheap headphones succeed with premium sound and build quality. A folding design adds to its portability. Whereas many of the best cheap Bluetooth headphones come plagued by slick, fragile plastic, the Tribit XFree Tune instead offers a soft to the touch black matte plastic. Its slider mechanism is comprised of metal, and fingerprints rarely, if ever, show on any surface. Earcups and the upper inside part of the headband consists of a premium protein PU. Thankfully, the Tribit XFree Tune remains comfortable for hours of use.


Many users enjoyed the ability to use Bluetooth or use a wired connection. But sound quality makes the Tribit XFree Tune some of the best cheap wireless headphones on the market. Bass response is smooth but not overpowering. Mid-range notes and highs are crisp and lean. The Tribit XFree Tune over ear headphones seem to adapt to virtually any genre with a sound stage that offers the correct EQ.

How good is the Battery Life?

The Tribit XFree equipped with a 420mAh battery giving you 24-hours use with a moderate volume. Compared to other Bluetooth headphones, this is good. Therefore, you can enjoy a couple of days with playback without having to charge them again.

How good is the Sound?

Yes, you get a natural bass sound for these Bluetooth Headphones. You will find a treble push occasionally, but not grating to the ears. Alternatively, you can get a fantastic listening experience without getting tired.That being said, if you are looking for noise-canceling you will not find it here unfortunately . The only time it does have noise canceling is when you make or receive voice calls. What’s more, the XFree Tune pairs well with both iOS and Android devices. When making calls do not expect stellar performance. However, it remains an excellent bargain. Furthermore, you will also know when the Headphones paired with your device as it says paired.

Should you buy the Tribit XFree?

Absolutely, you're not going to hurt your wallet as much, if you are looking to get some decent, affordable headphones. These will cover all your basic needs. It is Amazing what these headphones have to offer, these Bluetooth headphones make their way to the top Bluetooth headphones in the market as of today.

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