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V-Moda Crossfade 2 Wireless Codex Review

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

If you’re looking to replace your current go to Bluetooth Headphones and want something that will last longer, these are a great option for you. Even if the style isn’t the one that fits your needs, the functionality and versatility of these headphones deserves to be praised and I will explain why down below..

Comfort and built

Fortunately, the cushioned Steel Flex headband and large memory foam cushions provide adequate support. Not only that, but the ear cushions have small cutouts in the vegan leather wrap for improved air circulation. Though your ears will still get hot while wearing these on a hot summer day, they won’t completely suffocate your ears. The lightweight metal construction and signature Cliq Fold hinges, makes these an excellent option for travelers, DJs, and to those who enjoy gym sessions. The Built quality on these consists of producing a product tough-as-nails that have specs to match.


The battery on these have 14 hours of playback time before needing to be recharged. If you find that you forgot to charge the headphones, that’s ok, because these use quick charge technology and require just 30 minutes to provide 4 hours of playback. A full charging cycle will take a bit longer at around 2.5 hours.

Connectivity/ Multi-point Function

These Bluetooth headphones feature a 10-meter connectivity range, and as we’re seeing more and more in mid-to-top tier headphones, Bluetooth multi-point connectivity is supported here, so you can connect to 2 devices simultaneously. What’s more, aptX and AAC codec support means there’s virtually zero perceptible wireless latency. Again, you can always unravel the included 3.5mm aux cable for some hi-res audio quality.

Sound Quality

The sound quality on these is just phenomenally good. Clarity is natural thanks to a few things going on under the hood including the 50mm dual-diaphragm drivers, integrated Micro Vamp an amp/DAC combo and lest we forget, aptX and AAC support.Generally speaking, the low-end frequencies receive quite a bit of emphasis, but as V-Moda claims on its website, the dual-diaphragm drivers promote frequency separation. The bass doesn’t degrade midrange audibility too much, but there’s no question that it’s not a neutral frequency response, which is completely acceptable.

Should you buy them?

If you’re coming here as someone who puts durability and longevity 1st and foremost, then yes. As the company’s products are known for, these headphones can withstand nearly anything, and if on the off chance that they are crushed under the pressure, you can always contact V-Moda about its Immortal Life Program. These are some fantastic headphones that are compact enough for travel, but comfortable enough for all-day wear.

That said, even though these are expensive for headphones that don’t support aptX HD, they provide plenty of noteworthy features like hi-res wired listening and military-grade durability that make them worth the price. You can get these as soon as possible with Amazons Free 2 Day Shipping with Amazon Prime.

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